Empower your business to maintain impeccable integrity.

NOTO consolidates information from all data sources and provides real-time monitoring and alerts to help organizations to quickly reference high risk user behavior and transaction patterns.


Fraud Prevention

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Account Takeover

Protect your customers' accounts before fraud takes place. Deploy risk driven multi factor authentication or just collect data to enhance your monitoring on subsequent financial transactions. The customer login stage offers the opportunity to stop fraud before it occurs, achieve more accurate customer profiling and gather insights that can inform more accurate decisions on subsequent outgoing payments from the client account.

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Account Fraud

Make the most of your first line of defense. Identify fake, mule and high risk accounts by combining data from all steps and vendors in the NOTO platform. Account opening is arguably the one of the most critical stages when it comes to fraud, money laundering or promotion abuse prevention but also when regarding customer experience. Various verification tools are employed to tackle the different objectives of customer onboarding, unfortunately very often these are used in silos, which reduces their efficiency and inflates cost. By implementing NOTO you can trigger risk based or policy verification of customer identity and details, optimize your third party cost and achieve maximum detection rates with minimum friction and false positives.

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Fraud Prevention

Payment fraud prevention is the most multi faceted problem among financial crime. Even the same or similar business models or payment channels experience different fraud patterns and attack vectors.Success depends almost entirely on the ability to deploy custom monitoring and evolve it with the same speed as fraudster and fraud patterns develop. The payment method, the industry and vertical, the market and the region, the business models are just some of many variables that must be considered. The NOTO platform offers all necessary tools and features so you can stay ahead of financial crime, reduce losses and customer friction.

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Scam Prevention

Scams are one of the most complex forms of financial crimes. Identification is not difficult but prevention often is, due to the deeply influenced scam victim and the relationship element that has been intricately and carefully weaved over a long period of time. The NOTO platform helps to Identify vulnerable user groups, suspicious financial activity patterns and block chain addresses. Our flexible decision engine allows for combining the fiat and blockchain transaction insights in order to achieve accurate identification of scam victims questions and efficient prevention with stepped up approach and custom, targeted measures.

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Merchant Fraud

It is not uncommon for fake merchant applications to slip through a highly automated merchant onboarding process. Profile merchant processing in real time, utilizing data from various sources - issuer responses, confirmed fraud alerts, results from your manual review and case investigation.

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Promotion Abuse

Bonus abuse and affiliate fraud can be even more costly than fraud in the I-gmaing space. Solve promotion abuse and affiliate fraud with continuous monitoring through the customer journey. Connect all player actions with the NOTO platform - sign ups, sign ins, deposits, bets and withdrawals.The NOTO platform allows for a complete tracking of players and the ability to intercept in any point or just gather information for more accurate detection at pay out.

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Fraud Alerts

Close the loop of your fraud prevention program by plugging the Ethoca and Verifi fraud alerts. Eliminate the manual review and decisioning of fraud alerts. The NOTO platform will match alerts to transactions and let you generate automated responses and updates of your negative and positive lists and case management, adjusting your fraud setup on the go. Fraud alerts are a great early warning indicator, however reviewing and responding to them might be a time consuming and costly manual process. The NOTO platform allows for almost complete automation of fraud alerts handling, which reduces the operations cost, allows for quick reaction to newly discovered emerging fraud patterns thus reducing the fraud losses.

AML Compliance

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Customer Risk Assessment

Customer Risk Assessment (CRA) is becoming a must have requirement in all regulatory compliance programs. The NOTO platform allows for application of custom risk matrices in any market and business vertical. Scheduled or dynamic Risk reassessment are out of the box features. Perform CRA on entities and individuals at account opening or transaction level. Re-screen and re-assess the risk levels based on behavior or policy. Deploy market and client specific risk matrices.

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360 Transactional AML

The personal finance world is undergoing a true revolution driven by fintechs and instant payments. The financial products become more and more complex and complete. As a result the traditional single channel AML monitoring strategies must be evolved to reflect the new more complex business models. The NOTO platform allows for a 360 profiling of client entities including all of their financial transactions and non-financial activities and uncover suspicious behavior and intricate networks of linked accounts effortlessly. Enhance your AML monitoring with comprehensive 360 visibility, incorporating non-financial transactions, such as logins and opening new accounts, for a more detailed approach.

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Watchlist Screening

Being an integral part of any AML compliance program, watchlist screening consists of PeP checks, Global and local sanctions checks. The screening must be conducted for the duration of the customer - vendor relationship. The NOTO platform offers a wide range in solutions allowing for accurate watchlist screening - both at account and transaction level.

Revenue & Synergies

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Payments Routing

Route payments based on risk, fraud to sales or chargeback rates. Maximize the results from your fraud prevention and ensure scheme compliance. Optimise processing cost and A - B test payment vendors.

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CESOP Reporting

On 18 February 2020, the Council adopted a legislative package to collect payment data in order to improve the fight against e-commerce VAT fraud. The Cesop reporting obligations will enter into force on 1st January 2024. The NOTO platform helps all payment service providers to generate their quarterly reports in a quick and automated manner.

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FINTRAC Reporting

FINTRAC reporting is a mandate for a wide area of businesses such as banking companies, financial institutions, money service businesses, casinos, etc. which are authorized to do business in Canada. The obligation of the reporting entities is to report, in a timely manner, suspicious transactions, large cash or virtual currency transactions, international SWIFT or non-SWIFT funds transfers, disbursements, etc. From this year, as Canada's Financial Regulator has announced, the reporting can be done through rest API - a prerequisite for facilitating and automating the reporting process.